Lecture Transcript: The Mysterious Forces Behind the United States

MYSTERIOUS FORCES BEHIND THE UNITED STATES  Manly P. Hall December 1, 1940   The theater of world affairs has remained approximately the same during the last three months. The remarks we made earlier concerning the effort of several nations to gain balance of power is beginning to show itself rather clearly. This balancing of power … Read more

The Message of the Great Initiates

The Message of the Great Initiates from The All-Seeing Eye, 1923 by Manly P. Hall ALL DOWN THROUGH THE AGES since the beginning of time, great teachers, appointed by the spiritual hierarchies, have come to man to instruct him and reveal to him the next step in his endless path of self-unfoldment. Each of these great … Read more

Building a Personal Philosophy

BUILDING A PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY by Manly P. Hall (abridged) WE ARE INCLINED to think of philosophy and religion as powerful systems and creeds with numerous sincere and devout followers. More careful examination must cause us to amend this concept and recognize that groups are finally composed of individuals, each with distinct and personal reactions in … Read more