In 1934, Mr. Hall founded a non-profit educational corporation, the Philosophical Research Society, in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of Philosophy, Comparative Religion, and Psychology.

A year later, construction began on the headquarters, along with a printing press and book bindery. The wisdom research library first opened in 1937, and grew to a collection of over 30,000 rare books and manuscripts.

PRS Library arch under construction, 1937

A 300 seat auditorium was completed in 1959, where he gave lectures almost every Sunday until his death in 1990. The auditorium cornerstone inscription reads: “Dedicated to the Truth Seekers of All Times.”

The headquarters still stand on Los Feliz Blvd., and the Mayan-Revival buildings from architect Robert Stacy-Judd have been preserved as a cultural and historic landmark. The PRS continues to provide regular classes for the community, and offers distance-learning degrees through its University of Philosophical Research (UPR). The realization of an accredited wisdom university was one of Mr. Hall’s life-long goals for the Institution.

Statue of Nicholas Roerich in the PRS library

AIMS and PURPOSES: (from 1960)

  1. To discover additional knowledge by intensively investigating the essential teachings of the world’s greatest scientific, spiritual and cultural leaders, and by further clarifying and integrating man’s heritage of wisdom
  2. To apply this heritage to the present needs of mankind, by means of modern skills and the cooperation of outstanding experts.
  3. To make available these vital concepts to persons in every walk of life, by lectures, publications, and other media.
  4. To create an increasing awareness in the public mind of the usefulness of these ideas and ideals in solving the personal and collective problems of modern man.