Happy MANLY P. HALLoween – Lectures on October 31st

The following lectures were given on Halloween (October 31) over the many years of Mr. Hall’s long career. Curiously, a search into his lectures, articles and other publications produced almost no references to the holiday by name. While full moons, Christmas, Easter and many other holidays – both modern and ancient – were recognized at the PRS by Mr. Hall, Halloween seems to be mysteriously absent.

Manly Hall Lectures on October 31st (Halloween)

1930: The Horoscope of the United States

Manly Hall Chicago Lectures 1930

1933: Building a Philosophy to Live By

1935: Christ or Karma? Fate or Freewill or the Forgiveness of Sin?

Hollywood MPH Lectures 1935

1937: A Philosophical Consideration of the Crisis in Asia

1939: An Opportunity to Psychoanalyze Yourself: Principal causes of inefficiency in the individual and how to correct them.

1948: Christ and Buddha: Their Teachings Considered According to the Rules of General Semantics.

Christ and Buddha: Manly P. Hall 1948

1956: The Miracle as Proof of Faith – Seminar: Spiritual Healing #3

1961: Can Astrology Help us to Understand Reincarnation and Karma?

1962: Space, Deity and Time – Seminar: My Philosophy Up To Now #4

Seminar: My Philosophy up to Now: Manly Hall 1962

1965: Metaphysical Beliefs Relating to Racial and Religious Integration

1973: Prayer as a Mystic Rite – Seminar: Building Internal Resources (Lecture Note #182)

PDF: Prayer as Mystic Rite: Lecture 10.31.1973