Over his long career, Manly Hall gave over 7,000 public lectures on a full range or metaphysical and esoteric subjects, with the goal of improving people’s lives. He spoke for up to 2 hours continuously and without the aid of notes. His first lecture was in 1919 as a teenager and he gave his final talk just 10 days before his death in 1990.

May, 1928 San Fransisco Lectures

Hall spoke in a variety of venues, from the Hollywood Women’s Club to Carnegie Hall. He rarely charged more than a nominal fee per talk, and nobody was turned away for lack of money.

December 1942 ticket for Mr. Hall at Carnegie Hall

Hundreds of lectures were written down in shorthand and transcribed into typed notes over the years. From 1955 until 1990, most of his talks were recorded on audio tape. Hundreds of these still survive and many are freely available to listen to on the internet.

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