The Healing Power of Nature: Thoreau’s Walden

Manly P. Hall: The Healing Power of Nature

March 8, 1959 The story of Thoreau is one of the most interesting, probably, in English literature, and the peculiar survival of his book, Walden, points to the basic instincts of millions of persons. Although all this grand experiment which he made occurred more than a hundred years ago, in times quite different from our … Read more

Easter Lecture 1965: Christ as an Archetypal Symbol of Man’s Spiritual Maturity

(transcript from 1:20 to the end) And I think we should say with certainty and with clarity of thinking, that a Christian is the individual who has permitted his inner conviction of the will of Christ to become the leader of his life; to move his will, to move his mind, to move his consciousness; … Read more

Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance: Lecture Video and Transcript

by Manly P. Hall, recorded on his 89th and last birthday, March 18, 1990 in Los Angeles at the Philosophical Research Society Well, we have a very interesting subject this morning, and we’ll pause for a moment because it involves a concept that has had considerable distribution in Christian mysticism: and that is, the problem … Read more

Lecture: Reaching the Center – Truth Leads All Things to Itself (Audio and Transcript)

Manly Hall: Reaching the Center

Manly P. HallReaching the Center: Truth Leads All Things to ItselfLecture given on November 11, 1962 in Los Angeles In both East and West in religion and philosophy, a great deal has been made of the importance of periodic periods of quietude. We need these perhaps as we never needed them before. And it is … Read more