The Secret Destiny of America (from a 1944 Lecture)

from a lecture by Manly P. Hall, January 2, 1944


This continent was set aside for the flowering of the people, preserved against corruption, against impoverishment of the soil for thousands of years in order that this race might develop here, the most perfect balanced race upon the earth, but it depends upon us whether we shall achieve this internal strength or whether we shall permit ourselves to be corrupted by self-imposed traditions.

We are the new organization for a new idea. We are the new bottle for a new wine. We have here the power to build soundly a way of life that can bind up the wounds of the world and bring out of humanity a great political, social, commonwealth of people, united in every sense and free forever from the threat of traditional exploitation and traditional policies.

If we can achieve that, and when we achieve that, we fulfill our destiny, a destiny that was assigned to us by the Gods in the beginning, a destiny that will make us the one nation upon the earth to survive, because we shall never be able to survive unless we are the people that bestow survival upon other nations. Our own survival depends upon our ability to create a way of life in which survival is intrinsic.

We can never survive at the expense of other nations, we can only survive through the common survival of all people, and with the accomplishment of this, the dream of ages will be fulfilled.

It has been prophesied and predicted that this destiny will be accomplished, and it will be accomplished, but we all long for the more rapid arrival of this accomplishment in order that the sorrow, pain and grief of the world may not continue. We long for the time when the American people arrive at the realization that they are bigger than merely a great, rich country, that they are indeed a divine institution, the hope, the dream and the aspiration of the ages, that they are peculiarly and profoundly privileged by destiny to give to the world and abiding peace upon their realization of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

Jan 1944 Manly Hall Secret Destiny of America

(note: this excerpt is from a repeat of the 1942 Carnegie Hall Lecture and does not appear in the book of the same title)

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