Manly P. Hall‘s life is as much an enigma as the subjects he studied. During his lifetime, he was reluctant to reveal much about his personal life, and that will continue to be respected. Just as an artist is best known through her art, Mr. Hall’s life is reflected in his words and works, and how he labored tirelessly to bring essential knowledge to sincere seekers.

Read a short bio of Mr. Hall from a 1929 lecture program.

20's Portrait MPH
Early portrait from the 1920’s
MPH Portrait in Oil by E. Hodgson Smart 1927
Photograph by William Mortensen 1935
Promotional photo from the 1940’s
Photographic portrait, 1950’s
MPH March 18 1990 crop
Manly Hall’s 89th birthday, March 18, 1990, after a morning lecture