The Message of the Great Initiates

The Message of the Great Initiates from The All-Seeing Eye, 1923 by Manly P. Hall ALL DOWN THROUGH THE AGES since the beginning of time, great teachers, appointed by the spiritual hierarchies, have come to man to instruct him and reveal to him the next step in his endless path of self-unfoldment. Each of these great … Read more

2 articles about “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” 1928

from Overland Monthly May, 1928: (p. 153) SYMBOLIC PHILOSOPHY By Manly P. Hall U. S. Crocker Co., San Francisco. IT IS a well-established fact that the largest industry in San Francisco is printing, and that of the ten finest handcraft printers in the United States, four live in San Francisco. With the completion of Manly … Read more

Pearly Gates Gazette – All-Seeing Eye, Nov. 1923

The Pearly Gates Gazette: A whimsical back page to the All-Seeing Eye, which ran for the first two Volumes: Pearly Gates Gazette  MEMBER OF ASSASSINATED PRESS • EXTRA • UNLIMITED CIRCULATION VOL. 30000001 – NOVEMBER, 1923 – No. 1000000000006 UNIQUE DISCOVERIES MADE IN HEAVEN Henry Ford Enters New Field  SPECIAL NEWS ITEM It is expected that Henry … Read more

The Hermetic Marriage

an excerpt from: The Hermetic Marriage Being a Study in the philosophy of the Thrice Greatest Hermes by Manly P. Hall, 1925 Category: Hermetic Philosophy The ancient alchemists called the mind “the sun” and the heart “the moon,” for to them strength, reason, and logic were masculine, paternal, solar powers; while love, beauty, intuition, and … Read more