What is the Difference Between Religions and Philosophy?

Excerpt from: Questions and Answers: Fundamentals of the Esoteric Sciences by Manly P. Hall (1) What is the difference between Religions and Philosophy? Religion is satisfied to worship; philosophy seeks to understand. Religions are paths of the heart; philosophies paths of the mind. Emotion is a dominant factor in religion, but plays a small part … Read more

About Manly P. Hall: from a 1929 lecture program

FOREWORD (from a 1929 lecture program) MANLY P. HALL is an acknowledged international authority on the kindred subjects of comparative religion and ancient philosophy, his library constituting a unique collection of original manuscripts and early editions pertaining to these subjects. He has traveled in all parts of the civilized world and has delivered public addresses … Read more

Building a Personal Philosophy

BUILDING A PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY by Manly P. Hall (abridged) WE ARE INCLINED to think of philosophy and religion as powerful systems and creeds with numerous sincere and devout followers. More careful examination must cause us to amend this concept and recognize that groups are finally composed of individuals, each with distinct and personal reactions in … Read more